Waterloo for the National Popular Vote movement?

AT readers don’t need to be introduced to the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, the desperation measure concocted by the Democrats in an effort to make an end run around the Electoral College by pledging states to abide by the popular vote. Fourteen states, along with D.C., have so far passed the compact. One curious provision is that the compact does not go into effect until the number of electoral votes involved reaches 270 – a simple majority which would guarantee a candidate’s victory. The number of electoral votes controlled as of now is 189 – clearly, the promoters have been concentrating on large jurisdictions. The compact has 81 votes to go, a circumstance that has caused some on the right  to go into their customary “it’s all over… it’s too late… nothing can be done…” act. This is not surprising – many of them start screaming “it’s too late” every time there’s...(Read Full Post)
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