Rep. Mark Meadows: Russia Hoax whistleblowers coming forward now

We now have one sure indicator that the tide has turned on the Russia Hoax and the miscreants will be brought to justice.  Rep. Mark Meadows told Sean Hannity that with A.G. Barr in office and U.S. attorney John Durham doing a genuine investigation of the origins of the investigation into the Trump campaign, whistleblowers are coming forward.  This happens only when people think the prosecutions will proceed, that they will be protected if innocent or shown leniency if guilty, and that the only prudent course is to spill your guts.


Transcript, via CNS News:

Meadows told Hannity:

We're getting a lot of whistle-blowers, primarily whistle-blowers are coming forward because they believe Attorney General Bill Barr and John Durham are willing to get to the bottom of it.

So people that perhaps were afraid under previous leadership to actually say, well, we knew this was wrong, they're coming forward now.

And when we look at intelligence, we know the intelligence community shares a lot of information. What we also know…is that the Steele dossier, Christopher Steele, his dossier — not only does it have his origins with Fusion GPS and the Democrat National Committee, but other players that are connected — Sidney Blumenthal — and they were shopping it to every media outlet that they possibly could and the FBI knew it.

That's the problem, the FBI knew it prior to that first FISA and here they are using it as credible information for a FISA application? I just think that that's totally wrong.

Hannity asked both men where they see the investigation going, and who should be worried:

"People need to go to jail, people need to be held accountable and I believe indictments are on their way," Meadows said.

Nunes said former FBI agents involved in text messages should be concerned, as should "the dirty operations arms of the Clinton campaign."

The biggest political scandal in American history is going to be uncovered.

President Trump no doubt is following this closely.  That helps explain some of his recent words that trouble both friends and foes.

Graphic credit: YouTube screen grab.