Payday: Congressional crime wave edition

The Democrat-led House has been notoriously do-nothing about anything other than attempting to impeach President Trump.  No budget, no promised infrastructure bills, no health care reforms, not even an explicit condemnation of anti-Semitism, and shamed by socialist-led Mexico for doing zero about a massive migrant surge pouring over our southern border.  Actually, on that front, less than zero, given that they passed a bill to incentivize additional illegal immigration.  A real bright bunch, and quite likely to be thrown out come 2020, given such a record reflected in their 20% approval rating. But there's one exception, one little exception, one dear little exception to them, and they haven't been idle: they attempted to raise their own pay with an extra $4,500 per pocket, using all kinds of sneaky justifications and dodges to keep those personal bottom lines padded.  As you may...(Read Full Post)
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