Panic in Bidenville: Big bundler jumps ship

Is Joe Biden in a panic these days? There was a report that his staff are "freaking out" after his shaky, old-man-nattering-on performance in the second debate the other night.  But what's got to be even worse is the news that his bundlers are jumping ship.  And the one in the news at least didn't even wait for the debate disaster to cut loose.  A good rat knows a sinking ship before it goes down. Here's the first string of the bad news on how the Biden staff fell apart after the old man's debate performance according to Townhall: Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) won the second debate, showing that former Vice President Joe Biden has not cleared the field. So far, Biden is dominating the field with black voters, especially black women. No doubt Harris saw that and she aggressively attacked the VP over his glowing words about segregationist senators he's worked with and his opposition to...(Read Full Post)
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