Panic in Bidenville: Big bundler jumps ship

Is Joe Biden in a panic these days? There was a report that his staff are "freaking out" after his shaky, old-man-nattering-on performance in the second debate the other night.  But what's got to be even worse is the news that his bundlers are jumping ship.  And the one in the news at least didn't even wait for the debate disaster to cut loose.  A good rat knows a sinking ship before it goes down.

Here's the first string of the bad news on how the Biden staff fell apart after the old man's debate performance according to Townhall:

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) won the second debate, showing that former Vice President Joe Biden has not cleared the field. So far, Biden is dominating the field with black voters, especially black women. No doubt Harris saw that and she aggressively attacked the VP over his glowing words about segregationist senators he's worked with and his opposition to busing concerning education. This question had to have been on the docket for debate rehearsal. He must've known this was coming — and he flubbed it. This wasn't just one whiff or two. The entire debate Biden seemed lost. He lacks energy. He didn't make himself stand out. And for a man who is a titan in the Democratic Party and a former vice president, there should be cause for worry. After the debate, multiple journalists were getting texts that the Biden camp was in full-blown crisis mode after this debate. Of course, the spokesperson for the Biden campaign denied there was a panic, but if this is how things are going to go at the various debate sites, Biden is not going to be the nominee.

That's merely a symptom of what was going on in Biden's control room — the money machine that supposedly made him the frontrunner.  One of his big Bay Area bundlers has bailed out on him, and not even because of his debate performance, but because of his slightly earlier gaffes, one defending a passel of segregationists and another shifting his position on abortion quite suddenly.

Tom McInerney, a veteran San Francisco based lawyer, informed Biden's team on June 20 that he can no longer help him raise campaign cash to compete in the 2020 presidential election.

"I had actually let the campaign known I'd pulled back my support of Biden for now," McInerney told CNBC. "I don't think he did well last night," he added, reflecting on Biden's debate performance on Thursday night.

While McInerney is the first financier to publicly withdraw his support after Biden's controversial round of comments, the loss is significant because it could be a harbinger of further defections.

"I would imagine I'm not alone," said McInerney, who was a lead bundler for President Barack Obama in his first run for president. He helped Obama's campaign raise at least $200,000 throughout that cycle, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.

Notice that the man says he expects more to come.

McInerney is an old-line white-shoe San Francisco lawyer, and I remember his law firm as a client when I worked as a registrar at a software educational firm during the dawn of the Silicon Valley in the late 1980s — very fancy yuppie people, indeed.  He's the Bay Area establishment.  He's also very likely close to the Bay Area's economic locomotive: the Silicon Valley barony south on the 101.  Biden already has had trouble raising money with this crowd, according to this Vox report here.  And it's worth noting that the woman who knocked him down in the debate, Kamala Harris...actually is pretty popular with the Silicon Valley masters of the universe.

It was always a mystery as to why Joe Biden was popular at all, except perhaps for his supposed ability to win Pennsylvania.  He actually wasn't, except for his ability to draw the most money from fat-cat donors.  That seemed to be his strategy for winning: be the candidate with the most money.  Now he seems to be blowing it in the blue one-party state as even donors scamper off to the round-heeled Kamala.

This can't be looking good for Old Joe.  He's dumped his principles as the reasonable moderate and allowed himself to swing to the far left with the mob.  He still doesn't have the coveted Obama endorsement he hankers after as the man's loyal vice president for eight years, the pundits are flittering all over the place commenting on his weak debate performance, and now the money's bailing out.

It's tough being Biden.  Maybe the deadpools can get started for the day he exits stage left.