Move over, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders has out-plagiarized you

Joe Biden may be such a dope that he has no choice but to borrow the words of others, but Bernie Sanders, while no genius, does have options. In fact, he has an identifiable style of his own, making his speech easily identifiable with characteristic phrases enunciated with his Brooklyn accent. True, now that he is a multimillionaire, he’s stopped speaking of “millionaires and billionaires” as the enemy of the proletariat Americans and lately only castigates “billionaires.”

Still, when you come right down to it, Sanders is a recycler, too. As Mark Levin hilariously pointed out yesterday (first on his radio show and then on Hannity), Bernie is a plagiarist, too, and his source is even worse than Biden’s plagiarism of Michael Avenatti’s slogan, “Make America America Again” just the other day.

Watch this:

Graphic credit: YouTube screen grab