If Republicans don't court Millennials, they're doomed

Most Americans probably do not realize that the Millennial generation (ages 20 to 35 as of 2016) soon will become America's largest living adult generation, approaching 73 million potential voters in 2019.  Further, a recent poll indicates that nearly half of all American Millennial Democrats (48%), equating to many millions of potential voters, identify as democratic socialists or socialists. What does the above information foretell for American conservatives and other citizens who treasure their 230-year-old constitutional republic?  What does the information mean for Americans' precious freedoms and liberties, right to private property ownership, capitalism and free markets, limited government, and other principles enshrined in the constitution and subsequent amendments? One obvious observation is that members of the Millennial generation need to be rigorously pursued to make them supporters, hopefully advocates, for conservative causes and...(Read Full Post)
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