Elizabeth Warren's forked tongue on cutting college costs

As Elizabeth Warren blathers on about making college free and cutting educational costs, here's one worth looking at from Charlie Kirk:

That's some bloated salary for a one-day-a-week teaching job for a fake Indian using the benefit of affirmative action (much as they all deny it).  And yes, Kirk's figure is confirmed in the press.

Professor Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit has written a book about this phenomenon (actually, two books) — about how tuition costs keep going up and up, just as administrator costs and tenured faculty salaries go skyward in what's an increasingly hellish "two-tiered" system.  The people who lose out on all this bloat are the junior untenured faculty assistants, who live on starvation wages, and the students themselves, who are piled high with unsupportable debt.  He writes:

Today universities have a two-tier class system: Tenured professors and administrators on top, with generous pay and benefits and job security, while many (in some places most) required courses are being taught by the equivalent of serfs, with low pay, no job security, and little in the way of status.

This brings us back to Warren and her mid-six-figure salary, complaining about student debt as she runs for president and vowing to cancel it if debt-plagued Millennials vote for her.

Might she, with her massive educational salary, have been part of the problem?  She's supposed to be the policy wonk among the Democrats in her debt-canceling proposal, yet she doesn't address the behavior that has driven so many higher college costs.  She just wants the whole thing erased by "taxing the rich" so she can keep those out-of-control university salaries rising.

We don't see her trying to resolve it from her side of things.  Far as anyone knows, she means to keep that four hundred grand...

Image credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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