China's real growth rate

Enodo Economics recalculation of China’s first quarter real GDP growth was only +2 percent versus the +5.6 percent number officially reported by the central government. The U.S. Federal Reserve recently warned that since China supposedly transitioned from a communist command economy in 1993, “Cooking the Books” by falsifying provincial level data continues to be a common problem due to a lack of “political independence.” China’s official Xinhua News reported in mid-April that first quarter GDP growth jumped to 5.6 percent “largely propelled by the country's fiscal stimulus as well as energetic reform and opening-up. But Diana Choyleva at Enodo Economics, who painstakingly has been recalculating China’s real (after-inflation) quarterly growth rate since 2004, reports that plunging Chinese exports are now threatening jobs and the economy. China claims that real GDP has been very stable since Donald Trump became president, down...(Read Full Post)
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