Biggest lie? Terrorizing children with climate change scenarios

Nancy Pelosi shamelessly accuses President Trump of "scaring the children" with talk of deporting illegal migrants who have committed crimes, received due process, and evaded deportation orders.  Pelosi is infamous for using children as pawns in her gutter politics.  Her party has been using migrant children as tools in their vicious game of border politics since the day Trump was elected. Up until then, they all claimed to favor border security.  That changed on a dime on November 8, 2016.  From that day forward, there have been no limits on how low they will go; children are absolutely indispensable in their plan to destroy Trump by any means available. 

The hoax of man-caused climate change is one of their principal schemes to frighten the youngest among us into abject servants of the state.  So what if it destroys their hopes of a future, family or any comforts of home and freedom!  Those of us of a certain age have vague memories of air raid drills and duck and cover exercises in the fifties.  Most of our parents, however, did not use these events to instill fear in our hearts and minds.  Some did of course; they built bomb shelters and prepared for the worst, but in those days, the generation that had survived the Depression and WWII strived to protect the innocence of childhood for their progeny.  

Not so today. Leftists today, all of whom embrace the ridiculous notion of catastrophic climate change, instill it into their children practically from toddlerhood.  It is the ultimate in virtue signaling among the left if their first grader can discuss sustainability and the crime of over-watering one's lawn.  So it was a bit of a surprise to see the HBO production of Big Little Lies, season two, mock the sheer lunacy of victimizing children by convincing them the earth is going to die in twelve years, as the mentally-challenged Ocasio-Cortez is wont to do.  

As a second-grade teacher uses the children's classic Charlotte's Web to lecture about how much water is wasted to raise a pig for food, one child faints.  A panic attack is the diagnosis.  The psychologist dressed as Little Bo Peep who subsequently interviews the child informs her parents that her anxiety is caused by the threat of climate change. Nancy Pelosi, as equally challenged as AOC, has a lot of nerve accusing Trump of scaring children when her lot has been doing it in much more egregious ways for years and years with callous delight. 

All the powers that be conspire to foment this fear in our young.  They tamper with data,  produce computer models that are absolutely useless and have no relation to reality, let alone science.  They do it first and foremost for grant money.   They know that any scientist who proffers a differing view will be accused of being a science-denier so they produce "studies" that are politically correct even if as phony as a three-dollar bill.   

If they report the truth, they will be excluded from the media as if they are witches who should be burned at the stake.  

Make no mistake, it is the left that denies science and every one of the twenty-plus Democrat candidates have embraced this nonsense with everything they've got. They are all trying to out-greenie each other which is why the debates later this week are sure to be tedious, unless Trump actually does live-tweet them.  That would be enormously entertaining.   

As always, the leftists assume the deplorables are both gullible and stupid.  As they try to alarm us all into giving up our cars, plane trips, and meat, which they will never do, we are chuckling at their faux performances as saviors of the earth.  But the earth is just fine and likely to remain so, as George Carlin so wisely observed sometime in the early 2000s.  Anyone who has not seen his bit will find it worth watching. 

In the meantime, leftist parents of young children today would be wise to consider what their constant carping about "humans are a blight on the planet" is doing to the fragile psyches of their little ones.  It is amazing that any production on HBO would even hint at the damage done by this now decades-old campaign of blarney, but they did.  A crack in the plastic?  Let's hope.  All their tilting at windmills and solar panels are just silly pipe dreams.  America is never again going to be pre-industrial.  And CO2 is a life force, not a pollutant.  That is Science 101.

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