A tale of two lost liberal cities

In Townhall, retired Sheriff David Clarke writes “Clueless In Chicago” while Carl Nolte of the San Francisco Chronicle admits “It’s true -- San Francisco is a mess. And everyone knows it”. Big cities across our nation have become cesspools and liberal governance has long been the root cause of this decline.  The resulting madness ranges from vagrancy to murder.  Eighty-two people shot and 15 dead over two weekends in Chicago.  Chicago’s new mayor, Lori Lightfoot, called the violence “unacceptable,” a default term people in charge use when about to accept whatever foul behavior they claim is unacceptable.  Just saying, “Remember, folks, killing your next door neighbor is unacceptable” bears precious little response in the Windy City. Four generations of fatherless families wrought by “welfare” regulations has led to rogue behavior on city streets.  Will anyone ever mention...(Read Full Post)
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