The spoiled 'protected group' brats of America

On Wednesday, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) asked Derek Slater, Google global director of information policy, about a Project Veritas video in which Google referred to Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, and Dennis Prager as "Nazis."  That may sound like hate speech that could incite violence, but...

Crenshaw: Google, can you give me a definition of hate speech?

Slater: Yes. So hate speech again, as updated in our guidelines now extends to, uh, uh, superiority over protected groups to justify discrimination, violence, and so on based on, uh, a number of defining characteristics, whether that's a race, sexual orientation, veteran status.

Liberal Democrats have steered us so far away from the essence of American egalitarianism that no one cringes at the words "protected groups."

The very phrase suggests that certain groups are not protected.  You and I can easily identify the protected classes; non-Caucasians, illegal aliens, gays, and other assorted sexually self-indulgent mugs.  The list might counterintuitively include Islamists who hold a tacit distaste for gays.

All of these protected classes share a common trait: they play the American left and Google for the fools they are.  Protected classes now behave as spoiled children; thuggish behavior abounds. 

Some African-Americans demand the right to roll white people in the name of "reparations" for a slavery that disappeared more than 150 years ago, a slavery that absolutely no American alive today experienced or played a part in.  Bloated crime statistics from Democrat-run ghetto cities suggest that it is America that deserves a rebate for the billions of dollars wasted trying to "help" a protected class that refuses to wean itself off welfare checks.

Foul-mouthed lesbian soccer players, living an overcompensated life totally undeserved when measured against their contribution to society, irately and incoherently express a hatred for the White House.  Meanwhile, the president's son is spat upon at a cocktail bar, and anybody wearing a MAGA hat is fair game for caustic treatment at the hands of crybabies who have to manufacture examples of homophobic behavior by altering restaurant tabs or scripting and staging breathless near lynchings on freezing Chicago nights.

Illegal aliens are invited in by the millions.  This sets a precedent: come to America because our immigration laws don't mean a darn thing.  When the border shelter is overcrowded, Americans are blamed for not providing posh beds to comfort the law-breakers, or enough toothpaste to ensure proper oral care for "the children" of non-citizens who initiate their American experience with non-compliance of legal statute.

Legal aliens from societies that best replicate a dark-ages mentality are dumped en masse into American cities and immediately begin a reign of terror in what looks like an attempt to recreate the conditions of their home country.

Last night, 20 Democratic candidates offered billions and trillions in freebies to loafers in exchange for a cheap and easy vote.  Too bad American wallets will never be considered for protected class status.

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