What stupid decisions the Left is making lately!

With the frankly nonsensical "Russian" thing in tatters, the Left is getting more desperate than ever.  This was not supposed to have happened.  Hillary was to be president.  The grossly self-serving and unlawful acts that were slowly becoming the norm among the once well respected government organizations (FBI, DoJ, IRS, etc.) were never to have been exposed.  And that desperation, along with the rise of really not very smart or capable people, is making the Left do some pretty stupid stuff.

Changing the subject isn't necessarily "stupid," but doing so when one's motives are obvious is — as is changing it to another subject that people find at best uninteresting and largely laughable.

So is going after a guy who is smarter than you.

True for going after President Trump.  Almost as true for going after someone as smart, experienced, and unflappable as is Attorney General Barr.

Yes, the headlines will still blare (These days, the media are as stupid and inexperienced in how the real world operates as are the Left's politicians), but apart from MSNBC-viewing True Believers, no one is being fooled.

But there is something even more stupid being done here.  It is this: when your plans have failed, and the Big Man is aware of it, one of the best things to do is go low-key.  Going after the Big Man is not the smart thing to do.  Not at all.

A.G. Barr is here the Big Man.  Unafraid.  Unflappable.  Knowledgeable not just about the theory of how American justice is supposed to work, but experienced in its workings — that right down to the Department level.

If you can't scare him (and you can't), and you can't fool him (ditto), then the smart thing to do is just quietly fade into the night and hope he somehow forgets or gets otherwise distracted.

Going after him?  On TV?  In public?  Stupid.  Stupid.  Stupid.

But that is what they are doing — and making fools of themselves in the process, and that for all to see.

But these dumb pols are also doing something far, far stupider: what an old Bible proverb speaks of as "grabbing hold of the ears of a dog."

That is something seemingly easy to do.  But then what?  Once you've grabbed them, how do you then let go without getting bit?

Them getting "bit" is what the future holds.

Their sins are there for all to see.  There is no longer any place for these stupid and corrupt politicians to hide.  The Big Man will not now forget them, nor will he look away.

Doing this would have been dumb for those politicians at any time.  Doing it in the critical months before a critical election goes beyond mere dumb.

The Left is going to go down and go down hard.

We can (and should) just pray that these leftists don't take the entire nation down with them — something they seem perfectly willing to do.  With them, it is all about them.

Let's see it and not forget it.