WaPo leaves out crucial facts to make Israel look bad

In The Washington Post's article, "Have the Palestinians received 'more aid than any group' in history?," published May 12, 2019, the author "fact-checks" this statement made by Jared Kushner.  Before presenting any findings, however, the author chooses to highlight the fact that the Trump administration has cut off aid to the Palestinians after opening by saying the "Trump administration has been unbashfully pro-Israel in its approach to the long-running conflict," which leads the reader to believe that this aid money was withdrawn unjustly. 

Not once in the very long article does the author mention why the aid money was withdrawn.  The author even has the audacity to end the piece calling out Kushner as presenting an unbalanced view of history when the author hypocritically did the same as he accused Kushner. 

Why did the Trump administration cut Palestinian aid money?  Because approximately half of foreign aid money the Palestinians received was paid as stipends to convicted terrorists and their families through the Palestinian Authority Martyrs Fund!  Interesting how The Washington Post conveniently leaves out relevant facts, leading to an unbalanced and biased view, during a fact-checking article.