WaPo jumps to Gaza's defense on missile attack story

The Washington Post article "Gaza's homemade rockets still test Israel's sophisticated defense system," published May 7, 2019, uses biased phrasing in the title to downplay the threat Gaza imposes against Israel, stating that Gaza's "homemade" rockets merely "tested" Israel's defense system.

The authors open the article highlighting the tight border controls Israel enforces on Gaza but disregard Egypt's border controls on Gaza.  More importantly, the authors neglect to mention why border controls exist!  The reader is primed to feel that Israel is singularly acting unjustly against impoverished Gaza.  Why is Gaza impoverished when Hamas receives billions in humanitarian aid?  Largely because Hamas exploits aid funds to stockpile weapons and build terroristic infrastructure instead of helping its people.

While the authors admit to Gaza's large stockpile of rockets in the article's beginning, their biased frame continues by stating that a tiny fraction was fired toward Israel.  The nearly 700 rockets were not just fired "toward" Israel.  The rockets fired by Hamas and Islamic Jihad targeted and devastated civilian, not military, areas across southern Israel, resulting in the tragic deaths of four Israeli civilians (briefly mentioned later) in addition to injuring hundreds of Israeli civilians, including children (who are never acknowledged).

Why has the Post neglected the real story?