Tough love from Donald Trump

The president's decision to declare the entirety of the Mueller Report subject to executive privilege places that document (and all associated materials) off-limits to the grubbing hands of congressional Democrats.  Remarks by administration officials suggest this will not be an isolated instance.

Although I cannot claim any "insider" info to support this, I suspect that President Trump is embarking on a powerful new strategy to deal with the slavering Left and its skulking allies among Republicans.

After two years of granting carte blanche to an investigation of a nonexistent crime (of which he has been cleared, by that same investigation), the president may now be launching the political version of "tough love."

Unable to counter the successes of the administration with viable alternative policies, the Left has resorted to its only remaining option: the politics of personal destruction, facilitated by media allies who reliably feed the Left's finely tuned grievance machine with breathless reporting of ordinary events colored as egregious violations of all things holy and true.

Where no impropriety exists, belief that it does is nonetheless generated by a complicit media collective eagerly amplifying whatever "outrage du jour" narrative is peddled by Democrat leadership.

Thus, the Democrats and their allies have become addicted to "opposition by investigation," alleging grave scandal in even the most innocuous and pedestrian of administration acts.

America's left-wing politicians are surrounded by enablers, sycophants who "know a guy" who can "score" the Dems'/ next "fix."

The Democrats have a monkey on their back, and for the last two years, the president has been forced to be an unwilling enabler, coerced into providing larger and more frequent doses to satiate their investigatory habit.

I believe that the president is all done with that.

President Trump knows that you cannot cure an addiction without removing the addictive substance.  Consequently, he is cutting them off "cold turkey."  He is interdicting the supply and shutting down the dealers to force the addicts to get clean.

Often, no one knows someone is an addict until he is seen in withdrawal, when it can no longer be hidden.  The addict will grow wild, losing what little control he once had, no longer caring who knows about him, as long as he gets his high.

It's not a pretty sight, and Trump knows that.  As soon as the supply dries up, and the addicts grow increasingly desperate, reckless, and brazen, everyone else will know it, too.

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