Tokyo crowd chants 'we love Trump' as motorcade passes

You won't be seeing this on the mainstream media TV channels.  As President Trump's motorcade traveled through central Tokyo — it looks to me as though he was on his way to the Imperial Palace for the state dinner with the emperor and empress — chants of "We love Trump! We love Trump!" can be heard from bystanders.

Twitter video screen grab.

This does not appear to be a parade-style motorcade, for the sidewalks are not jammed with people, but rather people who, perhaps aware of the likely motorcade route — or perhaps noting the extensive police presence — paused to express their feelings toward the American leaders who had earlier delighted the nation with his attendance at the grand sumo tournament and presentation of the "president's cup" to winner Asanoyama.

YouTube screen grab.

Prime Minister Abe and a sizable segment of the public understand how much Japan needs American support and protection in the face of North Korean nukes and China's military and economic expansion, and its desire to dominate a Chinese version of a twentieth-century Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere.  President Trump is very public with his expectation that Japan will offer in return trade, investment, regional security, and military support.  He is doing this with a smile, mostly, and managed a visit that improved America's standing with the Japanese public.