Time to Make Australia Great Again

Rachel Withers, an Australian writing in Slate, wonders, "What the bloody hell just happened in Australia?"  The recent Aussie election was to that polity what the Trump triumph was to America, and the chattering class can't come to grips with it.

It's the Trump story all over again.  All the indicators showed the Establishment Left (E.L.) candidate comfortably ahead.  All the experts predicted E.L. victory.  The polls showed it, the scribes touted it, and the talking heads agreed that the bloke who eventually won, one Scott Morrison, had no chance.

So why did he win?

No mystery.  Whoever underwrites the E.L. in Australia is to blame for everybody getting it wrong.  Well, that and the self-delusion the Left has become so famous for.  People are tired of ineffectual government, and even more, they're sick to death of E.L. lies, obfuscation, thuggishness, and criminality. 

Polling is not trustworthy because it's always rigged to favor the Left.  Segments of polling populations known to tilt Left get larger representation in the samples.  It happens all the time here in the States.  People are now aware of it, and the more it persists, the less it convinces anybody.

There's also the known fact that conservatives are far more private than leftists, who scream their beliefs from the rooftops.  Conservatives remain quiet to avoid leftist unpleasantness.  Given the relative conservative silence, all the leftist racket may make it seem everybody favors the Left.

Finally, most people aren't leftist, but conservative.  The average guy votes against somebody more than he votes for somebody else.  The more lying and misrepresentation he sees and hears, the more it reinforces his determination to vote against the noise and the unpleasantness.

This electoral outcome may have been unpredictable, but anybody with any sense could see it wasn't impossible.  We wish Mr. Morrison all success in Making Australia Great Again.

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