John Guandolo: A champion of freedom

In the war of survival against militant Islam, there are very few people in this country who truly understand the ideology and are willing to fight back. One such individual is former FBI agent John Guandolo, a tireless patriot who works around the clock to train the law enforcement officers, including local police, sheriff departments and the “FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force agent/officers who were absolutely unaware of the massive jihadist program in place in our communities before his training sessions.”

John has been called every name in the book by Islamic organizations such as Council of American Relations (CAIR) for simply trying to utilize his knowledge to educate fellow citizens.

Islam doesn’t embrace any aspect of Western civilization -- much less American culture. Our culture rapidly and methodically being dismantled and our freedom and liberty is more fragile than at any time since World War II. And while we fight the enemy abroad with combat troops, intelligence and drone strikes, we’re doing nothing to combat the same exact enemy that resides on our own soil and in broad daylight.

“After being recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense at the end of 2008, Understanding the Threat (UTT) President John Guandolo briefed: numerous members of Congress -- including the Chairmen of the Homeland Security, Intelligence, and Judiciary committees; several three and four star generals/admirals; former Directors of the FBI, CIA, and DIA as well as one former National Security Advisor; and a number of other government officials. None of these people were aware of the information presented at the time they were briefed.”

Guandolo is articulate and speaks with authority. He is doing what our elected officials should have been doing years ago.

“By knowing the doctrine driving the enemy -- sharia (Islamic Law) -- and by understanding the Islamic network in the United States, their modus operandi, how they communicate their intentions, and how they interact with their Marxist collaborators, professionals can conduct predictive analysis and understand real-world events in ways nobody else can.”

The liberal West, with its heads firmly encased in the cocoon of liberalism -- the idea of live and let live -- fail to see that Islam is anathema to its very existence. Muslim sects do not grant even each other a modicum of tolerance.  Muslims kill each other on a daily basis, all in the name of Islam.  They vie with one another to convert the world to their form of caliphate.  They do all this while also taking advantage of non-Muslim naiveté and destroy the God-given gift of liberty.

As a person who has lived through Islam and was able to escape it and a coworker of the same cause as Guandolo, I salute this courageous defender of freedom.

“UTT is the only organization in America empowering: (1) Police with investigative strategies to proactively identify jihadist, map out local jihadi networks, and take these networks down using the full force of the law; (2) Citizens with tools to map out the jihadi networks in their communities, and actions to take to engage local leaders in order to render the jihadist and their network ineffective; and (3) State/local leaders with strategies to dismantle the Islamic & Marxist Counter-States.”

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