Theater is dead: 27-year-old gay propaganda musical revived (again)

The not-at-all musical production of Falsettos has been mounted over and over again since it debuted in 1992.  It won seven Tony awards — two for the writer, William Finn!  It was apparently "enthusiastically received." The play has just concluded a run at the Ahmanson Theater in Los Angeles.  It is a terrible, annoying production that should never have been revived. In 1992, it must have seemed an in-your-face celebration of homosexuality, while acknowledging its downside to those left in its wake or afflicted with AIDS.  But the focus on the gay life is not why the play is so awful.  The screeching the players inflict on the audience is so unmusical that it feels like torture.  There is not a single memorable musical phrase.  The horrific music is coupled with the fact that the four principal adult characters in the play are self-absorbed narcissists who can't be bothered...(Read Full Post)
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