Spygate gets an irresistible story element: a femme fatale

We are in the midst of a battle of rival narratives.  The GOP narrative is that the Obama administration horrifyingly mobilized law enforcement and intelligence resources to spy on a rival-party presidential campaign and presidency.  The Democrats' narrative is that William Barr is a liar who ought to be impeached and everything done to the Trump campaign was somehow justified. The GOP's narrative just got an essential element in mystery tales: a femme fatale.  In what is a transparent attempt to "get ahead of the story" and thereby minimize the impact of revelations about to become public, the New York Times described how a female operative — a home-grown Mata Hari — was sent to England, posing as the research assistant of Cambridge Professor Stefan Halper (a longtime CIA and FBI operative) to flirt with and question George Papadopoulos on Trump campaign activities, including possible collaboration with...(Read Full Post)
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