Side by side, Venezuela and Chile, compared in video

Economist Steve Hanke has found a terrific video treasure on Twitter from El Cato, the Spanish-language branch of the Cato Institute, comparing and contrasting the development arcs of Chile and Venezuela. Here it is:   #Chile liberalized its economy and enjoys a high quality of life and freedom. #Venezuela embraced socialism and is now one of the world's poorest nations and under a dictatorship. — Prof. Steve Hanke (@steve_hanke) May 16, 2019   The video is in Spanish but don't worry if you don't speak the language, you don't need it in this one. Just turn the sound down and watch the powerful photos and graphics. The bright beauty of Santiago, Chile is shown in stark contrast to the filthy hellhole Caracas, Venezuela, has become. You can see the grainy, dark, dank dirty inhuman cementiness of that city - which has been so familiar to us in photos it sometimes goes unnoted, with the...(Read Full Post)
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