Robert Mueller: Dishonest, deceptive and diabolical

Democrats' expectations of victory over Trump were dashed when Robert Mueller absolved the president of any untoward arrangement with Russian tools of Putin.  Within an hour, Mueller went from being heralded as the "most trusted man in America" to a traitor.  His words had been twisted by A.G. Barr, they said.  Mueller would come to Congress and tell them the real truth.  But Mueller does not want to be grilled by crazed Democrats; one can imagine their vicious anger that would be directed his way.  By noon that day, these former Mueller devotees turned their wrath upon Barr.  Suddenly, he was "the president's lawyer," not the A.G.  In short, since the day the report was released, the Left's meltdown that began on election night 2016 got infinitely worse.  For nearly three years, they had studiously ignored the mountains of evidence that the entire fiasco was...(Read Full Post)
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