Robert Mueller: Dishonest, deceptive and diabolical

Democrats' expectations of victory over Trump were dashed when Robert Mueller absolved the president of any untoward arrangement with Russian tools of Putin.  Within an hour, Mueller went from being heralded as the "most trusted man in America" to a traitor.  His words had been twisted by A.G. Barr, they said.  Mueller would come to Congress and tell them the real truth.  But Mueller does not want to be grilled by crazed Democrats; one can imagine their vicious anger that would be directed his way.  By noon that day, these former Mueller devotees turned their wrath upon Barr.  Suddenly, he was "the president's lawyer," not the A.G.  In short, since the day the report was released, the Left's meltdown that began on election night 2016 got infinitely worse.  For nearly three years, they had studiously ignored the mountains of evidence that the entire fiasco was a seditious attempt at a coup, a scheme to frame and overthrow a duly elected president.  Those involved believed that their plan would work.  Those who were duped by the rumors and innuendo because they so hated the fact that this drain-the-swamp outsider had come to power in their backyard were left stunned.

Mueller never deserved the "most trusted man" sobriquet.  He has a long record of abusing the power of his office over the years, no matter which office he occupied at the time.  He let four men rot in prison knowing they were innocent, a crime that cost taxpayers nearly $100M in recompense to the victims.  He did the bidding of Hillary Clinton when she delivered uranium to Russia.  Then, working with James Comey, he seriously misprosecuted the anthrax case, relentlessly pursuing an innocent man, Steven Hatfill, and again costing the taxpayers millions, this time $5.82M.  As with Comey, Mueller's positions of power over the years have gone to his head and made him both arrogant and careless.

Obviously, Mueller hoped to find Trump guilty of anything that would give the Democrats enough rope for impeachment.  But as the truth has seeped out over the last eighteen months thanks to real investigative journalists — John SolomonSara CarterJeff CarlsonGregg JarrettMargot ClevelandEric FeltonLee Smith and several others — Mueller may have realized that to perpetrate more lies on the public could bring the entire house of cards down.  Once all the facts are revealed, it is likely that he will be permanently tainted by his deceptive machinations for personal or political reasons many times over the course of his career in law.  The same goes for James Comey.

As new information is about to come to light, the principals are pointing their fingers at each other.  It would be amusing if it were not all so deadly serious.  These "principals" are all of a piece: not nearly as smart as they think they are, overweening, and pompous.  Like Hillary, the people they sought to deceive are deplorable anyway.  They probably do not feel any guilt for their crimes.  Quick to accuse Trump of being a dictator, it is they who behave like dictators.  They were all for transparency until the moment such transparency is likely to implicate them.  Declassification of all things related to the attempted coup has the rats scurrying.  "The truth will come to length the truth will out!"

It will be interesting to see if any of the plotters has a sense of decency and expresses profound regret for his part in this obscene project.  On this Memorial Day weekend, it would be wise for them to remember how this nation survived as long as it has.  We owe our safety and security to the untold thousands of great men and women who have died to protect and preserve it.  These scoundrels, Mueller, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, and the rest of them, have dishonored their service and sacrifice.

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