Republicans must pull the trigger now

I had a conversation with a 22-year-old recently, and what I came away with was a little frightening.  This boy believes that the Republicans are all criminals out to undermine citizens. 

The Republicans have allowed the media and academia to push them into a corner ever since Nixon resigned.  "See, the criminals are on the Republican side" has been their message for over 40 years.  By not fighting back, the Republicans have allowed themselves to be painted as heartless, soulless, uncaring, and now criminal.  Just wear a MAGA hat and see if you are not treated like a criminal.

The media have successfully made Republicans the party of criminals; just look at Richard Nixon, they say.  It is time we acknowledge that ugly truth.

Browse the political landscape in California if you don't think the Democratic media strategy has been successful.  All of the kids know Republicans are criminal but Democrats are saints.

Now, this young man wouldn't know anything about Nixon, but that doesn't change the fact that he knows that Republicans are criminally evil.  It is all he has heard his whole life.

That is why the Republicans must see to it that if crimes were committed by administrators at the DoJ and FBI, those crimes be revealed and adjudicated immediately.  They must be proven without a shadow of a doubt, and if any law was broken, someone must go to jail.

It is the only chance Republicans have to redeem themselves and create a level playing field. 

This will take courage on the part of Republicans; they cannot for a moment play inside baseball. 
The evil that may have been done is threatening to swallow the whole country.

There are limits to what a responsible citizen should have to endure.  For powerful members of the unelected bureaucracy to, in any way, trifle with our electoral process goes way beyond that limit.

Republicans should get all the cards on the table right now.  I think the Democrats are bluffing, big time.

If Republicans have proof of any crime, they are doing a disservice to all Americans by not exposing that crime.  Republicans must force Democrats and their friends in media to acknowledge the crime.  Let Democrats begin explaining and defending that crime. 

The time for investigations that never get to the bottom of anything is past.

For Republicans, it is put up or shut up time.  If they can't or won't go hard after an evil we all suspect is existential, they are pitiable custodians of our representative Republican heritage and Constitution.

I think the DoJ and FBI messed with our election.  Prove me right, or prove me wrong, Republicans, but for God's sake, prove something.

Prove you are made of something better than the Democrats.

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