Pope Francis finally gets something right

Pope Francis has said so many left-wing things it's possible to just dismiss him as a hopeless boob and focus on hoping the next pope won't be such a politicized loser. We've had bad popes before and the Church has endured, which is what Catholics, including yours truly, tell each other. But then, then, he says something genuinely good. He did so this week, on abortion, with perfect timing. The fact that the New York Times catcalled him for it signals to the rest of us that it really was good: ROME — Pope Francis said Saturday that abortion was always unacceptable, regardless of whether a fetus is fatally ill or has pathological disorders. He also urged doctors to help women bring to term even pregnancies likely to end in the death of a child at birth or soon after. “Is it legitimate to take out a human life to solve a problem?” Francis asked attendees at a Vatican conference on the issue, repeating one of his most...(Read Full Post)
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