PBS cartoon Arthur pushes homosexuality, redefines marriage for 8-year-olds

The Public Broadcasting System — the one American taxpayers fund, whether they like it or not — aired a new episode of the long-running kids' cartoon Arthur in which an elementary school teacher reveals himself as a homosexual by walking down the aisle with another male. "Arthur," the longest-running animated series for children in the USA, began its twenty-second season with the surprise "marriage" of Arthur the Aardvark's teacher Mr. Ratburn to another man.  In the episode, Arthur and his classmates are intrigued to discover that their teacher is getting married and begin to investigate who his bride might be.  When the children appear at the ceremony, they discover that Mr. Ratburn doesn't have a bride.  Instead, he walks down the aisle of the wedding tent on the arm of a male aardvark named Patrick.  The adult aardvark winks knowingly at the viewer whereupon 8-year-old Arthur and his classmate...(Read Full Post)
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