Leftist student lies herself into the pokey

Thievery is the naturally occurring byproduct of adolescent leftist viewpoint as it matures into rancid full-bloom socialist philosophy.  Leftism takes from everybody and returns nothing.  It promises lil’ old Bernie Sanders and delivers Venezuela at gunpoint.  Stealing from others is at the core of leftism.

On the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill campus, a leftist student stole a pro-life sign from Created Equal, a group that promotes the concept of reasonable restraint applied to abortion. 

The coed is bold enough to carry the sign towards a policeman.  The conversation before her arrest is instructive; amidst a flurry of absurd political clichés, any direct question of fact is met with a lie.

0:54 - Policeman: Did you steal the sign?

Student:  I just moved it.


1:07- Policeman: Why did you just rip it out of his hands?

Student: Because it restricts women’s rights.

Lie.  Signs don’t restrict anyone’s rights.  Stealing signs does restrict someone’s right to free speech.

2:08 – Policeman: Do you have any ID on you?

Student: No.


2:18 – Policeman: Do you have ID on you?

Student: Yeah. 

Okay, she’s got me there.  Leftists don’t lie all the time.  But even admired leftists lie most of the time.

On June 15, 2009, Barack Obama said, on national TV, “If you like your healthcare plan you will be able to keep your healthcare plan, period.”

Lie.  Leftists quibble about it, but if he said it, he should have made it happen, period.  If he said it an additional 35 times he really should have made it happen 36 times over, period.  He didn’t care enough about Americans to make it happen and didn’t care at all about lying to Americans, period. Leftists lie to obtain your political compliance, period.  This coed is lying because all of her role models lie, period.

Now, remember she is just a kid; take this into consideration.  As a dedicated teacher I ask you to grasp the obvious good in her.  Arrested, charged, and facing social media mobs, she’s had enough, period.

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