Is it time to get it over with in Venezuela?

Despite the barbarism seen in Venezuela these days — the latest the running down of protesters with armored military vehicles — President Trump's hard words for the brutal socialist dictatorship there have largely been seen in the context of winning the Florida vote, or blustering for the sake of it, or speaking loud and carrying a small stick based on the geopolitical realities of confronting Russia's Vladimir Putin. Most important, Trump himself has been seen as reluctant to get the U.S. into any conflict abroad, based on the miserable series of nation-building wars on Stone-Age people. Consequently, the conventional wisdom that Venezuela's acting president Juan Guaidó's inability to enact a military uprising has been dubbed a 'failure.'  Trump's not gonna act, so dictator Nicolás Maduro stays in place strong. There are now signs that that may not be the case.  Here's longtime Miami Herald...(Read Full Post)
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