Fraudsters Hall of Fame adds new fellow

The Left often claims that America is far ahead of the rest of the world in mass shootings, citing a paper by one Adam Lankford saying America has 31% of total mass shooters worldwide.  Since Lankford hasn't made all his data available to be checked by other researchers, it isn't likely his "study" is legit.  Others have gone over the paper and find that, far from leading the world in mass shootings, America is #56 at worst. This has all the earmarks of another Michael Bellesiles case.  Bellesiles in 2000 published a book purporting to show that colonial America had far fewer guns than usually believed.  The book won the prestigious Bancroft Prize.  Its author was feted on TV, talk shows, and the gun control party circuit.  Then others looked into his claims.  Many of his claims were doubtful.  He didn't make his data available for others to check.  The evidence was so...(Read Full Post)
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