Diogenes's search is over

If Diogenes were alive today, his endless search for an honest man would bring him to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  And, whether it be at midnight or at the brightest noon, Diogenes would meet the most honest man in American political life, Donald Trump.

Need proof?  Just sedate Mueller and his 16 black-hearted marauders, then listen to their anguish about their two-year persecution of the Man of Orange Hair.

There is now no doubt that there was no Russian collusion predicate driving Mueller's endless search for any crime, committed anytime and anywhere, by Trump.  How else can one explain Mueller's vile actions in putting Flynn, Manafort, Corsi, Stone (just to name a handful of Trump-connected individuals) on the rack to torture out false statements about unlawful and illicit conduct by Queens-raised Trump?  One can only imagine the utter disbelief by Mueller and his henchmen when they turned cowardly-lion Cohen inside-out, fully expecting some corrupt deed by Trump to be shaken loose — and found not a scintilla of actionable evidence.

After using tactics and stratagems employed by Iron-Curtain Lavrenti Beria, including examining Trump's tax returns and financial statements and investigating Trump's kids, the Mueller miscreants came up with nothing!  Why?  These wretched souls, so morally corrupt and dishonest in their own actions and thoughts, were incapable of considering that anyone, especially a billionaire like Trump, would possess a steady moral and ethical compass to guide him through life.

Donald J. Trump is one of the most transparent, sincere, and honest public figures in modern American history.  With a rock-steady backbone, love of family, and his sincerest belief in the greatness of America, Trump has suffered the calumnies and filth hurled at him daily since becoming POTUS on November 8, 2016.  Does anyone among us believe he could survive in reputation or sanity from such a relentless battering?  I know I could not.  History will reflect that President Trump withstood the search-and-destroy storm unleashed upon him by treacherous Obama administrative officials, the evil Queen Hillary, and soulless mainstream journalists — that Trump stood firm at the precipice and prevented our constitutional republic from plummeting into a socialist abyss.

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