Critical Race Theory is destroying our country

Critical Race Theory holds that American society is irredeemably racist in favor of the white majority.  The thinking is that in a racially oppressive society, though you may also have in common with another your sex, your likes or dislikes, your religion, your political ideas, even your disposition, ethnic commonality or skin color matters beyond anything else.  For this reason, only someone of your ethnicity can ever really understand you or grasp your deep-down motives for your actions. Given the overarching, omnipresent racial-ethnic oppression, what matters isn't so much facts as they happened but a narrative that takes precedence if something could have happened in the given circumstance.  The idea is that the oppression makes things happen on its own because it so overwhelms everything else, and justice needs to take this into account in determining guilt.  This is how people arrive at the notion that blacks can't be racist or,...(Read Full Post)
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