Caravaners clear out after Mexican police raid

Who says human beings, Central American, Mexican, or North American, don't respond to incentives? Apparently, all it took was one Mexican police raid and the caravan signups have just about vanished. Here's the rather amazing Associated Press story: Calls for a new migrant caravan went largely unheeded Tuesday as a relatively small group departed from Honduras, a week after a raid by Mexican police resulted in hundreds of detentions and the dissolution of a previous caravan. Conversation in online chat groups used to organize the caravans has been marked by anxiety since the raid and amid other policies in Mexico that seem designed to discourage movements of migrants en masse. Fewer than 300 people gathered at a bus station in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, to leave by bus and on foot in the overnight darkness. Caravans tend to grow as they move north and are joined by migrants already on the road, but the group was a far cry from previous caravans that...(Read Full Post)
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