Baltimore's local government worse off than the Orioles

The Orioles are 10-20 so far after losing 115 games in 2018.

The good news is that the 2019 Os are on a pace to only lose 109 games, an improvement over 2018.

The bad news is that my friends in Baltimore have more faith in the baseball team bouncing back than their local government.

Baltimore can't manage itself, as we see in this latest episode of "bad, bad mayors" or letting Democrats ruin your city.  Check out this from the Sun:

Pugh is the second mayor in a decade whose conduct in office has been questioned.  In 2009, then-Mayor Sheila Dixon was indicted after a lengthy corruption investigation.

The Democrat was convicted of embezzlement and pleaded guilty to perjury.  She resigned after negotiating a deal to keep her government pension, worth $83,000 a year.

The council wants to amend the city charter to remove a mayor if the incumbent turns out to be a crook!

It may be a good idea to amend the charter.  However, the problems are more structural:

First, there is no political competition in the local government.  There are no Republicans.

Second, Baltimore has done a wonderful job of driving out anyone who runs a business or wants to send his kids to a decent public school.  Who wants to set up a business in a town where thugs run wild?

The long-term solution is to rebuild, as the Orioles are doing.  Of course, it may be too late for that, since everyone would rather live anywhere but Baltimore in beautiful Maryland.  It may be too late to bring back the taxpayers fleeing over the years.

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