Are driverless cars a threat to freedom?

My grandfather was the first person I personally knew who had a reliable driverless vehicle.  In the 1920s, he had a horse-drawn buckboard-style wagon.  When the workload at his farm permitted, he would go into town at night and drink, until he was what today would have been over the legal limit.  Then, he lay down in the wagon and went to sleep.  The horse knew what to do and got them both safely home. Today, the horse is long gone, having been replaced by the automobile — but how much longer will it be before the automobile, as we now know it, goes the way of the horse?  Will driverless cars fill the roads?  And, by the way, this is not just about cars, nor even just about driverless cars.  This road goes much farther than that.  It may lead to where we wish not to go. According to an online article, Alex Roy "is a forty-seven-year-old rally-car driver[.] ... He is famous in racing...(Read Full Post)
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