Another Democrat posts a transparently phony photo, gets hilariously busted

Yet another high-profile Democrat in Congress has been busted for posting a photo on Twitter that is such an obvious fraud that even a child could figure it out.

How is it possible that they think that they can get away with taking a new item our of the box, then take a photo, and claim that it represents their true self, their customary signal of personal virtue , when the deep folds of the cloth of the (obviously) brand new item are visible to the naked eye?

This tweet from Rep. Eric Swalwell was immediately spotted as a phony:



The first two comments say it all:

Educated Hillbilly was the first:

You should have ironed it when you took it out of the wrapper.

Followed by Brian Crumpton:

But then he wouldn’t be able to return it

This is exactly the same fraud -- visible folds in a brand-new cloth item -- of Kamala Harris that was easily and rapidly busted only two weeks ago. Monica Showalter hilariously busted this tweet from Kamala Harris’s hubby on these pages.



Monica noted a number of other elements besides the obvious just-out-of-the-box folds that make Kamala’s photo such a fraud:

…she's stepped in it again, posing in an apron and pearls and perfect makeup to whip up some of her famous jerk chicken marinade in her kitchen for her husband's Twitter feed. (snip)

Well, start with the fact that it's a duplicate of what fellow campaign rival Elizabeth Warren tried to do, drinking beer for the cameras to prove she was just a regular joe for those poor deplorable voters who supposedly want this sort of thing.

We all know how well that worked out for Warren.

And Harris is trying to duplicate it?

I've heard of politicians imitating each other but not imitating each other's mistakes. This is a new one. Rimshot, Kamala.

My explanation is simpler: they are so used to getting away with being phonies that they get sloppy