A MAGA Party? Whatever works

An idea is being mooted about a MAGA Party.  I'm all for it, since Republican no longer means policy differences from Democrat.  A political party with the MAGA moniker would obviously be something patterned on Donald Trump's policy ideas with, for now, Trump leading.  It would have to be worked out what it would mean post-Trump.  We can speculate about that.

Donald Trump has been the president who actually makes use of the idea of "whatever works."  Obama said that's what he was all about, but he lied.  He was about whatever strengthened his power, constitutional or otherwise — and usually otherwise.  Others have also used the phrase, but it always meant anything besides governing by the Constitution.

Trump has also been the president who intends to do what's best for America.  This, too, differs markedly from a predecessor whose efforts benefited only a handful of ayatollahs and a crowd of rich insiders.  These two principles working in tandem — whatever works to advance America under the Constitution — would presumably undergird a MAGA Party.

We who are fed up with a self-serving uniparty, with differences without distinctions, with politicians who tell the home folks one thing to get elected and then do another, very different thing when they get back to Washington, need a party that means what it says.  It's all gotten too fuzzy.  Uncertainty has a place in particle physics but not in American politics.

Liberals think the Constitution is outdated, that it was meant to be a living document whose meaning changed with the times.  They're lying again, as is their wont.  Our problem isn't too much of the as-written Constitution, but too little.  Now more than ever, we need to stick to the rules laid down long ago by all those brilliant old white men.

They worked.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr (cropped).

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