A global Trump revolution in Europe?

The stunning results of the European parliamentary election are pretty entertaining stuff, given that supercilious, arrogant, disdainful bureaucrats such as European commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker are going to get a roomful of people like Brexit leader Nigel Farage.  Remember this?  Couldn't happen to nicer Eurotrash.  Now it's coming at him in spades, from not just the United Kingdom, but Italy, France, Poland, and Greece and other places that just aren't happy with his little power-to-me project. The Associated Press describes what has happened: BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Union's traditional center splintered in the hardest-fought European Parliament elections in decades, with the far right and pro-environment Greens gaining ground on Sunday after four days of a polarized vote. Turnout was at a two-decade high over the balloting across the 28 European Union countries. The elections were seen as a...(Read Full Post)
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