What if conservatives had done it?

Pete Ingemi of the DaTechGuy blog asked some basic what ifs.  What if the perpetrators of the recent tragedies or other newsworthy items had been conservatives — or, horrors, Trump-supporters — rather than identify, so to speak, as politically correct and/or professional victims and therefore immune to criticism by the liberal media?  Would the incident have been covered differently by the media?

If the National Review had run the cartoon that the NYT did the day before a shooting at a synagogue would not the media be calling for it to be closed down and blaming it for the attack.

If the shooter at the Synagogue in California had a manifesto attacking Barack Obama rather than Donald Trump would that not be the only story in the media today.

If the Baltimore shooter was a white male targeting a group of blacks at an event rather than a black man would the media be demanding a national conversation on "race"

If Halima Aden was not a [Muslim] would the very suggestion that she pose in what is called a "burkini" for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue be seriously considered (Note: she's still pretty hot but in this woke age are we still allowed to notice this?)

Finally Imagine for a moment that Stephen A Smith is a white sports commentator and he told the story of a white athlete expecting him to defend him based on their shared race.  Would that athlete still be on his team?

While all the individuals or institutions (except Aden) were criticized to varying degrees, there really was none of the foaming-at-the-mouth daily condemnation of the perp's philosophy that motivated such a heinous act that would have occurred had it been done by an approved politically incorrect and therefore evil entity.  Indeed, Aden has been showered with praise for appearing in modest Muslim attire for such usual politically incorrect institutions — to the politically correct — as the Miss Minnesota beauty pageant and the famous SI swimsuit issue.  Normally, feminists condemn beauty pageants and whine about the millions in profits SI's swimsuit issue generates.

So Smith's job at ESPN is safe, and the New York Times will still be read by all those in-the-know P.C. types  because it contains "all the news fit to print."

No what ifs — the conservatives are really the cause of all the mayhem.  Yes!  According to all the politically correct liberals, the truly guilty person for the Poway and Pittsburgh shootings is not the shooter, but...President Donald J. Trump (R).  Oh, and by the way, he is  also responsible for last month's massacre in a mosque in faraway New Zealand.

Of course.