Veterans' Old Deal

War after war, administration after administration, and every spoiled generation after every lost generation — there has always been "a good reason" for making veterans wait.

Let's see...humanitarian aid was "fairly" distributed abroad, but humanitarian emergency relief was not provided to the homeless veterans at home.  Medical help for refugees was considered urgent, but thousands of American veterans died waiting for the most honorably earned (and the most shamefully overdue) health care.

While decades-long neglect is only the tip of the iceberg of the revolting treatment of our warriors, it is still raining politicians who say we will have "blood on our hands" if "global warming" doesn't go first.

What about blood of our veterans?

The veterans' "old deal" sounds so much like "ordeal" in more ways than one.  And it's not only about getting enlisted to be "disposed of," not only about the V.A., who, for decades, should have had for a motto "Uncle Sam doesn't want you anymore." 

On March 31, Senator Bernie Sanders and speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi "commemorated the International Transgender Day of Visibility" by replacing POW/MIA flags in entrances of their offices with "transgender equality flags."

It makes your blood boil, and the mainstream media act as if "it's only blood of veterans."

How about a "National Day of Veterans' Visibility" as a reminder of unresolved issues of neglect, harassment, and discrimination?  It is high time to expose the collusion between "who," "why," and "how much."

In line with the principle "easier said than done — so let's bloviate," a variety of experts (who've never been homeless or wounded), pontificate about philosophical reasons for veterans' suicides and PTSD, instead of focusing on the immediate needs and letting veterans live their lives.

Serving and honoring those who served is the "Veterans' Old Deal."  Deal with it!

 The "Full Committee Hearing: VA 2030 A Vision for the Future of VA" (2019-02-27) is proof positive of administrative "farsightedness."  2030?  How  All around Robin Hood's barn, and all roads still lead to the "epicenter" of veteran homelessness (2:16:8) in California.  Beating around VASH, but not a word about corruption, cronyism, and "improper "use of veterans' land.  Ruthless local elites, VSOs, and "charities" keep stealing from homeless warriors.  Haven't you noticed?

When will the ribbon-cutting hypocrites quit mooching off heroes?  When will the freeloading parasites be stopped from panhandling life and limb from soldiers who fight for our freedom?

Today, veterans, veteran rights advocates, and whistleblowers are still left with open wounds of injustice and betrayal.  Smug crooks, who consider it a done deal, should think twice.  We swore to protect the United States of veterans, not joint accounts of profane ingrates.