Tucker Carlson and guest absolve Creepy Uncle Joe Biden

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On his show, Fox News's Tucker Carlson apologized to Joe Biden for feeding into the "hugging" hysteria.. After playing  Biden's video response to his Democrat accusers, Carlson said there's "something sad, pathetic, really, watching a 76-year-old apologize for not understanding selfie culture." 

Has Carlson seen the videos?  Did he listen to Biden's explanation?

Update: Grabien has video of Tucker's monologue,but not of his interview with Heather Mac Donald:



The fact is, Biden did not apologize for his behavior in his public statement.  Quite the opposite.  The former vice president essentially portrayed himself as an old fogey trying to navigate his way through this postmodern world of "selfie-taking" and ever moving goalposts.  "I shake hands, I hug people, I grab men and women by the shoulders and say, 'You can do this.'  Social norms have begun to change; they've shifted, and the boundaries of protecting personal space have been reset."

Biden, like Carlson, failed to mention the many underage little girls he "grabbed."  Both failed to mention that in several of the little girl videos, Biden did not say, "You can do this."  He asked the squirming, uncomfortable child, "How old are you, sweetie?  Twelve.  Well, don't date until you're thirty."

Carlson proceeded to offer a bizarre personal and collective mea culpa for mocking Biden as "a cuddler run amok."  Aggrieved that Biden had to explain himself after four women came forward to describe a pattern of touching seen on myriad videos, Carlson said, "Biden's a politician, and he had no choice.  They drove him to it, and so did we."

"What we apologize for not saying is 'hugging is not sexual assault and Eskimo kisses aren't rape,'" Carlson continued:

"What we are sorry for is blurring the lines between human affection and coercive immoral behavior.  The last thing this country needs is more aggrieved people who think they've been assaulted because a senior citizen hugged them wrong.  Hugging people is not a sin."

Whether Carlson is intentionally "not saying" anything about the many little girls groped, kissed, touched inappropriately, and rubbed up against in the videos is not important.  The omission speaks for itself.  Carlson is a smart man.  He knows there was never a social norm to put your hands all over women and, worse, little girls, in a suggestive manner, which makes his defense of Biden incomprehensible.

Carlson went on to assert that he does not want to live in a society where "it's unwise to get close to other people."  He described that kind of country as a "P.C. hell of the Left."

Trying to conflate Biden's serial, unsolicited, and inappropriate touching of women and little girls with the Left's agenda to control and regulate displays of affection, Carlson needed backup.  He then introduced the highly esteemed author, Heather Mac Donald.

Would Mac Donald denounce Biden's physical violation of the little girls?  Unfortunately not.  MacDonald doubled down on Carlson's contention that Biden, as a  part of "the older generation," has "a different style," and there are "different ways of relating to people."  "This is gonna end normal human intercourse as we know it," she said.

Incredibly, Carlson, who has daughters, and MacDonald, a savvy scholar, never brought up Biden's hands all over vulnerable little girls in a plethora of videos on YouTube.

Carlson's bizarre opening statement followed by the conversation with Mac Donald can be viewed here and here.

Image: Kelly Kline via Flickr.