Those filthy Teslas

A Tesla Model 3 emits more carbon dioxide emissions than a Mercedes C220d diesel sedan, according to a new study by German think tank IFO.  That's right, the supposedly 'green' electric car of the future so touted by the wealthy virtue-signalers is actually filthier than your garden-variety diesel-powered sedan.

The Wall Street Journal has an editorial about it, and the Daily Caller has some additional context.  DC's Michael Bastasch lays it out with:

When the CO2 emissions from battery production is included, electric cars, like Teslas, are "in the best case, slightly higher than those of a diesel engine, and are otherwise much higher," reads a release from the German think tank IFO.

Here are a pair of tweets:

So it turns out the $35,000-at-the-low-end cars for rich people, rolling down places like Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills to virtue-signal all that greenness, courtesy of taxpayer subsidies and a $7,000 tax credit, are really rolling filth machines, dirtying up the air much worse than the average Joe buying his pudknocker Mercedes.  Far from virtue-signaling green, they ought to be pointed at as Jed Clampett–style Beverly Hillbillies polluting clunkers.  IFO found that when you calculate the pollution cost of just manufacturing the electrical green car's giant battery, the scale tips toward dirtier-than-thou, not a cleaner-than-thou, car.

And the Journal notes that these cars, in Germany, which is failing to meet its virtue-signaling Paris climate targets up the wazoo (unlike the U.S.), are heavily subsidized as well.

Berlin for years has offered thousands of euros in subsidies to electric-car buyers to get a million of them on the road. The European Union lets manufacturers claim an implausible zero emissions for electric cars under its strict emissions limits. They may have this exactly backward in some European countries.

These subsidies and exemptions inevitably divert consumer euros and corporate investment toward electric vehicles no matter their true environmental impact.

 No kidding.

What a fraud this whole rich man's plaything is.  And somehow, we don't hear cries of 'tax the rich!' from leftist politicians over this pollution imposition on us.  Rich leftists are dirtying our air so they can virtue-signal to us — and they're making us pay for it, too. 

Bastasch notes that Congress is actually considering extending the electric car tax breaks, so the virtue-signalers can keep their status symbols.  Get ready for more pollution, then.  Such a fraud.