The world encouraged Joe Biden to run for president?

A day ago, I heard V.P. Biden say the world encouraged him to run.  We didn't get a lot of details, but let's take V.P. Biden at his word.

So why are all of those world leaders looking to replace President Trump?

It cannot be the U.S. economy.  After all, the latest first-quarter GDP figure is rather strong at 3.2%.  In other words, that's a lot exports and imports going across the Atlantic.

Maybe they miss President Obama.  Didn't he call them "free riders" over NATO?  In other words, President Trump was not telling the NATO countries anything different from what they've heard from many U.S. presidents.

Maybe it's about those wonderful and universally loved Paris Climate Change Accords.

Well, let's see what world leaders think of the Paris deal.  This is from National Post:

Barely two years ago, after weeks of intense bargaining in Paris, leaders from 195 countries announced a global agreement that once had seemed impossible. 

For the first time, the nations of the world would band together to reduce humanity's reliance on fossil fuels in an effort to hold off the most devastating effects of climate change.

"History will remember this day," the secretary general of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, said amid a backdrop of diplomats cheering and hugging.

Two years later, the euphoria of Paris is colliding with the reality of the present.

Global emissions of carbon dioxide are rising again after several years of remaining flat. 

The United States, under President Donald Trump, is planning to withdraw from the Paris accord and is expected to see emissions increase by 1.8 percent this year, after a three-year string of declines.

Other countries, too, are showing signs they might fail to live up to the pledges they made in Paris.

In short, the world is off target. 

Really?  The world is off target?  And they are expecting to get back on target with a President Biden?

Not so fast, world.

One of the reasons why Mr. Trump won is that he went into Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania and won blue-collar workers.  I am not sure that V.P. Biden is going to go there and tell those workers to let Europeans show them the way.

So the world wants V.P. Biden?  My guess is that he won't be bragging about it.

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