All the fake news that's not fit to print

Thanks to the disruptive social media and its accompanying technology, President Donald J. Trump is able to effectively get his message directly out to the public in his own words without going through the distorted filter of young, know-it-all liberal reporters
But these twerps, along with their more experienced and older, editors, are still out there, and still loathe everything about Trump. Their one-sided reporting does not accurately portray his many political international and national economic successes.  They and their editors have a really cold spot for Trump's good relations with Israel and the Jewish people, which is what allows them to think it's O.K. to print the most outrageous and disgusting things, including anti-Semitic tropes they would not have printed in the past.
They're doing it now.
Last week the self-important New York Times was forced to apologize for such a thing.  Sort of.  In their published-oversea international edition, they had tried to cater to readers who are some of the world's biggest Trump-haters, and not so coincidentally, loathe Israel, too. These editors saw nothing wrong with this vile, racist cartoon:
The Times has since deleted it (but the Internet is forever which Trump knows but the expert newsies don't) and tweeted a weak non-apology without the cartoon.
However, many of the Times' Twitter commenters are truthfully calling out the NY Times' multiple failures for even printing it and for its numerous other editorial errors.  These pithy insights are well worth reading. Here are just a few:


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