Socialists and strongmen

Socialists know that one way they can get their preferred candidate into office is to frighten people until they will do anything in order to feel safe.  It is human nature to prefer a stable and predictable environment so that plans can be made for the future, whether it is tomorrow or ten years from now.  Chaos produces increased fear.  A calm, steady leader who promises to produce a stable and safe environment is going to get a following. Current Democratic candidates for the presidency may think they are promising a stable and morally superior society, sans walls and reducing if not eliminating social and financial inequality, while fighting climate change.  What they are actually saying is instead producing an impression of imminent upheaval, with socio-topia expected to rise from the ashes.  They do not explain how the process will work, only that if they get power, they will remold the "sorry scheme of things entire ......(Read Full Post)
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