Sanders smarter than Perez

On Monday night, Senator Bernie Sanders went on FOX News to answer a few questions.  On balance, Senator Sanders is going to have a lot of problems selling that message to a broader or general electorate.  In other words, Senator Sanders may be very good in front of college students but won't be so successful in front of people who actually pay taxes and don't feel that they should pay more.

Nevertheless, I gave Senator Sanders credit for taking tough questions.  Unlike most Democrats who appear on friendly shows, Sanders understands that you have to win on the road if you want to compete for the title.

On Monday, another Democrat also appeared on Fox News.  I'm talking about DNC chair Tom Perez, who explained his decision to skip the network for the primary debates:

"Will you reconsider your decision on having debates here on the Fox News Channel?" Hemmer asked.

"Bill, here's why we won't do that," Perez said.  "I don't have faith in your leadership at Fox News at the senior levels.  I have great respect for Bret [Baier] and for Chris [Wallace] and for you, but you've demonstrated that above your pay grade, they don't trust your own listeners, and so they feel they have to put the thumb on the scale." 

Really, Tomás? ...or "Tomasito," as your mother called you when you said something really stupid?

Memo to Tomás: Your candidate did not win the last time.  Your 2020 candidate is going to need some of those votes that your 2016 candidate did not get.  Some of those votes are watching Fox, not the others.

Furthermore, the DNC is not toughening its candidates by taking questions from Rachel Maddow or Don Lemmon.  They need to get out and do what Senator Sanders did last night.

Did I just hear that the odds favor President Trump's election?  Wonder why!

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