Robert Francis O'Rourke jumps on the 'slavery reparations' bandwagon

Add the fake Hispanic running for president to the list of Democrat lemmings rushing toward the cliff of so-called reparations for slavery.  Robert Francis O'Rourke, whose charisma has been sufficient to convince the Associated Press (the most pervasive purveyor of news to Americans) that Spanish is his "native" language, must by now believe that he can sell anything to anyone.  He uses the con man approach when he promises to establish a commission to "study" reparations (Sheila Jackson Lee's idea), allowing a pander to blacks who want free money while allowing plausible deniability and a complete fudge on the critical details (for instance, do Vietnamese boat people immigrants have to pay money to recent immigrants from Jamaica?)

Reparations are a gut-level issue for many non-black Americans, who feel no responsibility for something that ended a century and a half ago, when many of them had no ancestors living in the USA.  It is equally a gut-level issue for many African-Americans resentful over the persistence of racial gaps in many measures of economic and social welfare and feeling that they are the victims of powerful forces over which they feel no control.

Pushing this issue for political profit poisons the body politic.  Anyone who attempts to benefit from it is a scoundrel in my book.  Doing it while standing next to Al Sharpton makes the case rock-solid.

Watch the video in this tweet from Politico.  The entire three minutes is chock-full of pandering.