Pete is white (but he has a 'husband'!)

We've seen news reports of concerns in the Democrat Party over nominating a white man for president.  It certainly puts a lot of pressure on the white guys leading the pack at the moment.

Over the last month, the flavor of the month has gone from Beto to Pete.  Naturally, these two men have drawn a lot of attention.

To be fair, staffers leave presidential campaigns for this or that reason.  So, let's give Beto the benefit of the doubt about the roster changes on his campaign

What can't be denied is that Mayor Pete Buttigieg is gaining on former Representative O'Rourke.   As they used to say in Top 40, Pete is going up to the charts and Beto is losing steam.

So, what's going on?

First, and foremost, Beto is an empty suit.  He ran a great campaign in Texas.  He also benefitted from $ 80 million, media softballs and a national effort to defeat Senator Cruz.

On the other hand, Mayor Pete served in Afghanistan and has public sector executive experience running a city.

Two, Beto is weird -- something that was completely overlooked during his campaign in Texas.

Most of all, Mayor Pete has a husband and Beto has a wife.

Credit: New York Magazine

In today's Democrat Party, a man with a husband who can't stop tweeting fits in much better than one with a wife who smiles and stands by her man.

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