Former IBD editorial writers return to print with a new website

Investor's Business Daily used to have an amazing, must-go-to editorial page, featuring the brilliant cartoons of Mike Ramirez, the amazing commentary of Andrew Malcolm, and other talented writers, particularly on commonsense economic explanatory reporting and commentary.  (Full disclosure: I was on this team until 2016.)  A few weeks ago, the paper's publishers decided to quietly shut down IBD's editorial page because they wanted to focus exclusively on stock market coverage and analytics.  

That disappointed a lot of readers who liked that page.  So the last of the writers decided to re-form as their own website, which makes sense because it wasn't shut down for lack of readership — the editorial operation was always very popular and well regarded.  Writers John Merline and Tom McArdle have since returned to print in a new website called "Issues & Insight" which had been the header for the paper's editorials and op-ed pieces earlier.

I looked at it, and it's the same kind of great pieces that had been seen earlier — Merline's nuts-and-bolts economics pieces and McArdle's finely tuned political commentaries — all newly produced and up to date.

I've seen this done before, actually.  I recall that Finance Asia (another paper I used to write for) was slated to be shut down by its owners in Hong Kong more than 20 years, and the scrappy staff went and bought the magazine with its own money to prevent that from happening, keeping that, and their own jobs, in operation.  They were very sharp people and no surprise, they are still in operation.

Anyway, the IBD writers are back, and still writing the same great commentary and editorials.  Check it out here.

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