Obstructionist Dems are like zombies

What distinguishes obstructionist Dems from zombies?  Not much!  They both struggle with self-awareness and have minimal consciousness.  The lights are on (barely), but nobody's home.

They both have some automatic brain functions, but they're out of their minds.  Like zombies, collusion-peddling Dems may be similar to vital human beings in their physical, atom-for-atom makeup, but they have no inner life.  They're undead cretins lacking élan vital

Comprehending consciousness and the nature of our experiences remains elusive to science based on physicalism.  Yes, we can more precisely isolate parts of the brain that control various mechanical processes, but what gives rise to the rich inner life of qualia?  We know how we see things, for example, but what prompts our visceral reactions to beautifully vibrant colors; pleasant, arousing aromas; or the emotional impact that these physical processes generate?  Why do we even have feelings and emotions?  How are the mind and body related?

One attempt to elucidate the mystery of Cartesian mind-body dualism also sheds some light on why impeachment-obsessed Dems are consumed by a dark inner void.  Integrated Information Theory, basically, postulates that all matter possesses some form of consciousness and that the greater the complexity and degree of integrated information, the more heightened will be the resulting consciousness.  This is why we generally have more of it than zombies, beasts, and them Dems.

According to IIT, increased consciousness emerges from ever more complex information-processing.  But like bumbling, stumbling, mouth-foaming zombies wreaking havoc on their way through the murky swamp, Dems' resistance to Trump is reflexive and unthinking.  As his policies prove their worthiness, their information is not integrated, but illusory; not complex, but crude.  While they incant voodoo intrigue from the putrid swamp, their consciousness atrophies.  It's all so boring that the neuronal tunnels from their physical brains to their minds have collapsed; they've decayed into mindless zombies incapable of self-reflection. 

Some proponents of IIT propose that anything can be conscious to the degree it organizes and processes sufficiently complex and integrated information.  This might be why Dems have descended into ridiculous recriminations: their obstructionist perseverance is wholly baseless, revealing their soulless vindictiveness.  Indeed, rather than integrated information, their collusion mantra is disintegrating misinformation that effectively eviscerates their humanity.

Similar to a gnarly mob of grunting zombies emerging from the dark abyss en masse, anti-Trump zealots also show some senseless sociability.  Actually, they are imprisoned by an insidious form of group consciousness that propagates propaganda divorced from external realities (e.g., incontrovertible proof that Trump's campaign repeatedly rejected Russian meddling efforts).  Protected by the cloak of consensus, they are individually impervious to the shame or embarrassment that their continuous collusion colloquy deserves.  Their zombie forbears would approve as rapacious Dems devour our cherished institutions and defile our public square, undermining America and Trump's legitimacy.

 Democrat zombies are mired in a mental muddle.  Unable to think for themselves, the huddle concoct constructs like "passive collusion" and "collusiony" communications.  Yet, despite a thorough reprobation from Mueller and Barr, contradiction and hypocrisy riddle their convoluted charade as they bumble brutishly through the Deep State's creepy crypts. 

Yes, they are cunning, conniving, and even clever, but that's just their brainwashed brains.  Their minds are entangled by groupthink as they think, feel, remember, decide, and react as one embittered entity.  Similarly, their malevolent media minions are mesmerized by the voodoo; they are weak-willed groupies, as evinced by the mind-numbing homogeneity of panelists on CNN or MSNBC.  

When collusion between President Trump and a foreign adversary is resoundingly disproved, that's good news to patriotic and sentient Americans, but not to insubstantial Dems with the stench of zealous zombie.  They're just whistling past the graveyard.  Keep it up, and they'll likely become The Walking Dead come next election.

Things that matter most in life do so as a consequence of their import on conscious minds.  Sociability, rather than rationality and reason, often determines how creatures behave.  Even zombies rampage in groups, exhibiting about the same level of solidarity as mindless Dems and their proponents in the MSM.  There really isn't much that distinguishes deluded Dems from zombies, except the latter are probably more sincere and less sinister.

It's spooky, but even my coffee-maker, with its stop-start and hot-cold settings mysteriously fluctuating during operation, seems to have a mind of its own.  It may be taking IIT to its extreme, but I believe that it has more consciousness than them simple-minded Dems cum zombies.

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